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The Way of the Superior Man


One of the paradigm shifts we are facing in this day and age, of course, is a movement toward a balance between males and females in our society, as well as a general emergence of a more divine Feminine consciousness as part of a growing awareness of the Earth and its fragile ecology of plant, animal and human life, and a greater appreciation of nature, land and the indigenous cultures that are tied to the Earth and traditional lifestyles.  It is a challenge for male-dominated, hierarchical societies to honor women and for both men and women to find a greater balance of masculine and feminine traits within themselves.

“The Way of the Superior Man” is one of the best – over even perhaps THE best – book I’ve ever read on male and female identity, sex roles and relationships. It’s written for men, but it also is a great book for women and it has the potential to enhance understanding between both sexes.  There are certain challenges toward being male, when viewed from the right perspective, serve to create balance and harmony between the sexes, and can help men to develop a stronger emotional awareness.  If I had read this book when I was in my late 20s, it would have changed my way of thinking and seeing many things.  Deida’s book is compelling because it ties the male experience into a broader view of nature and the cosmos and life itself. It grows out of many of the insights and philosophical world views of Taoism.  mantak-chia-book-4

Along the same lines as “The Way of the Superior Man,” is Mantak Chia’s book “The Tao of Love: Cultivating Masculine Sexual Energy.” This book outlines an inner psycho-biological-spiritual process through Chi Gong (Chinese esoteric yoga) practices that helps a man reorient the instinctual sexual force of his body into a circulation of etheric subtle energies that pass through the spine and into brain and nervous system. Mantak Chia’s book offers a potential inner roadmap for the transmutation animal instincts and aggression into an integrated alignment and positive unity of mind, body and spirit.

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