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The Right Use of Will in Healing Emotions


“Right use of Will in Healing the Emotional Body “ is written by Ceanne deHoran in an unusual first person narrative style with the writer speaking as the voice of God or the Higher Self. That may sound unusual, but if the reader can be patient and receptive to the author’s thought process, the work leads to some very beautiful revelations.  How do we respond to our emotions and our feelings as they arise in our mind? How do we deal with our fears and the urge to deny or repress our feelings? Why is denial such a powerful force in human experience and how does it relate to spiritual growth? How can we free ourselves from denial and move easily and naturally into healthy, positive expressions of our emotions? 

“The Right Use of Will in Healing the Emotional Body” suggests that developing clarity in understanding one’s emotional feelings results in a spontaneous alignment with our Higher Self and the right use of will power. Or put another way, the right attunement to our emotions leads to clarity and discernment regarding the right choices, decisions or responses to circumstances and healthy, constructive interactions with other people.  Pure emotional perception and self-expression – guided by a sense of love, compassion and honesty – heals the emotional body of past traumas, pain and denial. Healthy emotional awareness leads to self-acceptance, acceptance of others as well as a natural movement away from states of conflict and repression – either in oneself or with others. There will be less of a desire to pressure or expect other people to conform to our own ideas about what is right or wrong and more interest in allowing others to learn their own lessons directly through their own emotional experiences.  As the emotional body heals, a person learns to trust themselves and understand how their emotions inform and clarify their will and spiritual well-being.

I see “The Right Use of Will in Healing the Emotional Body,” interestingly enough, as a natural complement to Esther and Abraham Hicks teaching on the Law of Attraction.  Esther often speaks about emotional awareness as a guidance system for aligning with one’s Higher Self, or using her terminology, “The Spiritual Vortex.”

Ceanne DeHoran Right Use of Will web site

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