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Orgone: Breakthrough Concepts in Chi/Prana, Sex, Science and Life Force

Wilhelm Reich’s work is not very well-known, and is often misunderstood or considered obscure.  However, Wilhelm Reich’s research is vast and provides a wonderful structural investigation and a bridge into the subtle energies of the etheric life force, which Reich called “Orgone.”  Different people will find their own entry points for various aspects of Reich’s writings and research that may resonate intuitively.  His books and writings cover everything from emotion and bio-electric sexual energy to fascism and repression to atmospheric change and weather patterns, body structures, emotional health and healing disease. George Richtl in South Africa is doing some very interesting work on climate and drought, and sells a variety of items that can be used to experiment and test Reich’s theories on one’s own body and immediate environment. Dr. James DeMeo has done a great deal of academic work that explores and expands on the foundations of Reich’s research.  This video produced by Dr. DeMeo provides an excellent overview of Wilhelm Reich’s scientific work and theories.

Reich’s work and theories on Orgone, when properly understood, offer a beautifully coherent and revolutionary view of the Universe from an integrated psycho-biological-spiritual perspective, much like Einstein’s general relativity and special relativity theories laid the groundwork for quantum mechanics and a radical new model of astrophysics.  Once we are able to grasp Reich’s concepts and work out our own formulations through observing nature and our own bodies and vital energies, it opens to the door to viewing astrological phenomena in the same context.  Reich proposed that the flowing, radiant light he was able to observe in cells under certain conditions was the same life force energy visible as blue fields around planets, stars and galaxies; and he formulated these theories years before high altitude aircraft photographed the jet stream, and decades before Apollo astronauts sent back photographs of Earth with its blue aura.  Moreover, we are seeing the similar phenomena in recent months and years with the satellite probes and high definition images of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.


A NASA satellite image of our neighboring Andromeda galaxy. Note the blue aura glow of Orgone energy, which is common to planets, stars, galaxies and all heavenly bodies.

Orgone life force and vital energy permeates the entire universal biosphere, from micro-cellular molecular levels to our own Earth’s atmosphere as well as other planetary atmospheric fields throughout our solar system. The Universe is really a unified gigantic Orgone field, much like recent experiments seem to have proved that gravitational fields radiate in giant waves throughout the cosmos, touching our Earth. It seems natural to conclude that we are immersed in the Orgone energy of the solar system as a Greater Life Field through which “we live and move and have our being,” and the solar system is immerse in the Milky Way Galaxy, and so on.  People living in the Mile High City of Denver and on Colorado’s Front Range or the Western Slope, are always able to see the Orgone daily in beautiful blue radiant energy fields (the “purple mountains majesty”) of the Rocky Mountains.


A photo of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range, just outside of Denver. Note the blue glow of Orgone in the atmosphere just above the edges of the mountain peaks.

Wilhelm Reich’s work gives us the missing link that ties together astrology, astronomy, biology, psychology and spirituality as part of one living force or energy field. It gives us numerous entry points by which we can examine ourselves and formulate new models of life and our own experience.  Wilhelm Reich’s work and his conceptualization of Orgone fits very well into the framework of A.E. Powell’s books on the etheric, astral, mental and causal planes and dimensions.  Orgone is essentially what A.E. Powell refers to as the etheric body, which is a gateway to more intangible, higher realms of consciousness.  It is the same body and the same energy that is accessed through yoga, acupuncture, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Reiki and Polarity Therapy – energies that lead to healing and an enhanced mind-body awareness.

Here is a collection of satellite images taken from the International Space Station showing the blue Orgone aura of our planet Earth. 

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