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Abraham Hicks and the Original Teaching of the “Law of Attraction”


In 2006, a self-help documentary film titled “The Secret,” was written and produced by Rhonda Byrne took the world by storm and subsequently had an enormous impact on global popular culture.  The film included interviews with coaches, writers, physicists, spiritual teachers and ordinary people, and demonstrated an unusual appeal with viral and massive marketing through Internet downloads and streaming.  “The Secret,” was presented with artistic imagery reminiscent of Tom Hanks’ movie “The Da Vinci Code,” which helped convey the idea of unraveling a coveted historical mystery of secret societies.  The film was so successful that it made the concept of the “Law of Attraction” into a household phrase.  According to the “The Secret” the Law of Attraction is simple; our human experiences are created and driven by our own thoughts, which manifest into physical realities.  While the idea of “The Secret:” popularized the Law of Attraction, much of the original teaching of the Law of Attraction came from Esther Hicks and her channel, Abraham.  Many people find “The Secret” compelling as a film and a book, but were also forced to conclude that the question of how thoughts manifest into experiences is more complex, paradoxical and nuanced than the film makes it appear

It is well worth listening to Esther Hick’s YouTube videos of her channeling, as well as reading her books.  She has written several books on manifestation, the spiritual vortex, emotions and the power of dreams that clarify and expand the teachings behind the Law of Attraction.  Many people began to awaken to a new kind of spirituality with “The Secret,” but found it difficult to actualize the potential possibilities they saw in the film. Esther Hicks is one of the contributors profiled in the first edition of “The Secret,” and was acknowledged as “the most prominent interpreter of the Law of Attraction.”  However, Hicks declined to be included in the second edition due to her concerns over intellectual property rights.  Naturally, while “The Secret” had a mass influence and included many different contributors, the original source of the teaching provides greater context, wisdom and insight to the Law of Attraction, its operations and effects.

Abraham Hicks web site

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